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Dear Future Girlfriend

Your arrival has been something I’ve waited for with great expectation. I have been anxious, but also careful. Life has taught me that some of the best things in life don’t come immediately when I want them to come. But rather, some of the best things in life come in accordance to the purpose on our lives.

I’ve been searching for someone of your caliber for sometime now. I’ve been waiting for you. I was confident that you’d eventually come. I was willing to wait, but I wasn’t willing to settle.

I must admit, waiting for you has been a journey. A journey filled with many twists, turns, and disappointments. Although, there is a natural tendency to shy away from the most ugly parts of our lives, I have learned that these experiences have also shaped me to being the man that I am today. It is because I have been misunderstood, that has developed wisdom in me to be patient in understanding you. It is because I have made mistakes, that will allow you the grace and the space to make yours.

As I wait to meet you, I’m preparing space for you. A depth of compassion, a solitude of protection, a wealth of support. In anticipation for you, I’ve prepared my heart to take orders from God on how to love you. I’ve prepared my heart to be receptive to whatever growth your love challenges me to facilitate.

There’s something about you and I’ll know it when we meet. It will click. It isn’t in your bosom or your derriere, in fact, nothing at all to do with your pulchritude (although that will be a part of your prize as well.) What will signify to me that you are the one, will be captivity of your eyes. Your eyes will be the windows to your soul, but the key to my heart. As I look in your eyes, the journey to your soul will begin, familiar at times, this will be where I discover pieces of me in another. Not another “big head” or another “special friend”. Not another cut buddy or Friend with Benefits. You will be another part of me.

As the complete answer to my prayers and the prize of my preparation. I will always acknowledge the totality of who you are. You are a supplication manifested and a gift anticipated.

All in all, this wait has attributed to the caliber of a man you will be meeting. I won’t be perfect by a long shot, but I assure you I will be accountable, thoughtful, selfless, and compassionate with you. I trust the God that created us to continue to author this story. I pray that our lives please Him and our love leads us closer to each other daily.

your final boyfriend.

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