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Dear Future Boyfriend,

Welcome and thank you!

Thank you for deciding that I am the one you want to discover this phase of life with. It’s been a while since I have been in a relationship. I have waited patiently, at times - many times, impatiently for the manifestation of a man like you. Often giving into the convenience of situationships. I apologize in advance (and as it occurs) for any damage the unpacking of my baggage may attempt to you or your manhood. I need you to understand that until my bags are fully unpacked with you, I may project onto you from places of fear and previous traumas. It is in those moments I pray your discernment will be larger than your ego. I will need you in those moments the most. Whether I utter it verbally or quietly requested of you in action or reaction rather, these will be the moments when I will need you to pull me closer — no matter how much I attempt to push you away.

I pray that the strength of who you are creates the warmth of security I have been craving. I pray for the comfort to always be ourselves and transparent with one another—no matter how unpopular or unfavorable it may be. May we always be safe and free to be with each other. For you, I pray. For me, I pray. And for this relationship, I pray.

For you, I pray that you are always in a place to hear God for yourself (and even us). I pray that you’re constantly maturing into the man that you’ve always envisioned yourself to be. I pray that you find strength in your vulnerability and that your weaknesses are perfected in your growth.

For myself, I pray that I embody the woman that you’ve always imagined would compliment you, in poise, style and grace. I pray that the simple embrace of my hugs or the soft touch of my hand be the safety and silent assurance of love and support that you’ll need to magnify your confidence and empower your ambition. I pray that the strength of my womanhood is matured in the lessons of growing in love with you.

For this relationship, I pray that always keep God at the epicenter and seek to please Him as best we can through this relationship. I pray for a foundation of friendship and respect, integrity, honesty, loyalty, love and ridiculous fun. I pray for shared stories, creating memories and childish pranks and inside jokes. I pray for strengthening communication and introspection to understand and hear each other. I pray for a bubble of security that allows us to just be, minimizing external pressures and comparison. I pray for learning, intentionality, compromise and intimacy — emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Only God knows where this is going. Perhaps guided by our prayers, listening ears and receptive hearts, we may know where it is that He will have us to end — I pray that destiny is with you, one day, as my husband.

I got you. We got each other. And God's got us.

your best girlfriend,

L, xo

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