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Meet Dr. Wright

Nathaniel S. Wright, Ph.D. is an associate professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at Rutgers University-Camden and is a trusted expert in charitable giving and strategic philanthropy. Dr. Wright’s research portfolio is a diverse nexus of social science, and urban studies research with emphasis on projects exploring topics involving nonprofit community-based organizations and sustainable development. His current research centers on the role that social advocacy organizations play in creating sustainable neighborhoods, and more generally on issues related to nonprofit performance and accountability.


Dr. Wright’s work has appeared in leading nonprofit and urban journals such as Nonprofit Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Urban Affairs, American Review of Public Administration, Sustainability. He is also co-editor of a book entitled Performance and Public Value in the Hollow State: Assessing Government–Nonprofit Partnerships.


Since joining Rutgers-Camden in 2022, Dr. Wright has held various leadership positions. Most recently he served as the Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives for the College of Arts and Sciences and as the Director of the Masters of Public Administration program at Texas Tech University.


He received his B.A. and Master of Public Administration from Binghamton University, and Ph.D. in Public Administration from the University of Kansas.

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Performance and Public Value

in the ‘Hollow State’

Assessing Government–Nonprofit Partnerships

This innovative book sheds light on two key questions at the forefront of government-nonprofit partnerships: How are nonprofits performing? And does the involvement of nonprofits in a public service add public value?

This methodologically-rigorous book is critical reading for scholars, researchers and students of public governance and public management, particularly those focusing on the long-term effects of the New Public Management. Its practical insights will also benefit policymakers, as well as managers of nonprofits interested in the implications of new partnerships with government bodies.

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